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The Lonsdale Street Sewer Upgrade is stage two of a four-stage strategy to install a secondary 900-metre-long sewer line under Lonsdale Street.

The current sewer network is approximately 120 years old and is nearing full capacity; this new sewer line will cater for the forecasted growth in Melbourne’s CBD.

Constructed via an underground tunnel boring machine, the project will link with the Stage One Spencer Street Sewer Upgrade completed in December 2018.

Construction works are scheduled to begin in October 2019 and be completed by late-2020.

Project Update – February 2020

Tunnel boring to commence 24-hour operations

On 24 February 2020, the project marked a significant milestone with the start of tunnel boring.

The tunnel boring machine (TBM) was successfully launched from the William Street launch shaft at a depth of 23 metres. The TBM has already dug about 30 metres in an easterly direction and has about 520 metres to go before it reaches the Elizabeth Street retrieval shaft in May 2020.

Starting from Wednesday 18 March, tunnelling works will start operating for 24 hours a day from the William Street launch shaft site. These works will start from 6am on Mondays and continue through to 6pm on Saturdays.

Tunnel boring will not be noticeable above or below ground, however, general construction noise can be expected at the William Street launch shaft site from 6am on Mondays to 6pm on Saturdays. Construction activity as part of 24-hour tunnelling works will involve:

  • The use of a generator and pump associated with tunnel boring activities
  • Excavator and truck movements which will intermittently generate additional noise with removal of tunnel spoil
  • Brighter lighting at the William Street site which is required for safe night works.

Local water and sewerage services will not be impacted.

For more information please visit City West Water