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How has this crisis changed your perspective on the future of Melbourne?

Share your ideas by 30 June.

The City of Melbourne is looking to uncover what people value most about the city and how COVID-19 has influenced people’s thoughts of the future.

We are inviting you to reflect and share with us how COVID-19 has changed your perspective and priorities. As we emerge from the pandemic we are asking you to tell us what is now most important to you and the way you experience Melbourne?

After implementing an immediate response to COVID-19 the City of Melbourne is now starting to look at a more long-term path to recovery so that we can begin to plan for a stronger and more resilient Melbourne.

This work will capture an important moment in time and will contribute to further extensive engagement across our community as we prepare our new four year council plan in February next year.

Have your say

We’re hosting two Melbourne Conversations events with industry thought-leaders who will be speaking on a range of topics. Learn more about each event and register to attend.

You can also share your ideas on what you imagine the future of Melbourne will be like in our ideas forum by 30 June.City of the future